Introducing ApplyProof


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Dear Recruitment Partners,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new documentation verification centre, ApplyProof! ApplyProof is designed to strengthen the confidence between you and your students, beginning with their Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

Starting today, you will be able to view a student’s original LOA and application details in real-time, as submitted directly from the university, college, language centre or high school. Currently, Letters of Acceptance and Conditional Letters of Acceptance issued by our partner school Yorkville University will be verifiable. ApplyProof will soon be available for documents from other partner schools.


How it works

A unique 8-digit verification code is attached to each LOA. The code, along with the student’s first name, are used to login to the ApplyProof website. Once logged in, you and your student can view the original document provided directly by the school and compare it to the document you have already received.


Who benefits

  • Our Recruitment Partners may further build trust with potential students by offering access to original verifiable documents.
  • Students and their families may have peace of mind knowing their documents are legitimate, strengthening their applications.
  • Partner Schools are assured that the applicants we introduce to their campuses are devoted to academic integrity, thus fortifying our partnership.
  • Immigration Officers will have increased trust in the documentation required for study permit applications.


Our team understands how important it is to receive an LOA. It can change a student’s life completely, and we want to add that extra boost of confidence to everyone involved in their application. We appreciate your support of our new product. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your ApplyBoard Representative.


Step by Step Guide

Step 1: ApplyProof adds a unique verification code to issued letters of acceptance (LOA) and other official documents. This code and accompanying link to the ApplyProof website, allows users to directly verify the authenticity of a student’s document.

Screen capture of verification code


Step 2: The verification process is simple. If a user has access to an ApplyProof verifiable document, they have all the information they need to log in and verify it. All that’s needed is a student’s first name and the unique verification code on the last page of the document.


Screen capture of verification login


Step 3: Once logged in, a user can view the original document provided by the school and compare it to the document they have received.


Screen capture of original document