IMPORTANT: Delayed tuition payments to schools


Dear Recruitment Partners,

If your student is making their tuition payment through wire transfer (Western Union, Flywire, etc.), we highly recommend that their payment is made well in advance of the deadline given by the school. If your student is sending their payment by wire transfer near to the deadline, there is a risk of delay due to processing time.

It is beneficial to send the payment at least one week before the deadline, although some systems take even longer to process the payment, so the earlier it is submitted, the better.


Many of our partner schools have strict deadlines and will not accept payment if it is received late, despite it being sent prior. It is a student’s responsibility to make sure they make the payment in advance to avoid complications, including a revoked offer.


We thank you for your care and attention to this message. Please contact your ApplyBoard Representative if you have any questions or concerns.