New Feature: Displaying Disclaimer Notifications

We have released a new feature on the ApplyBoard Platform to preemptively alert applicants to the existence of disclaimer requirements on their applications. This feature helps decrease the number of applications that are paid for and immediately cancelled because the applicant is ineligible.

How It Works

If the application has a disclaimer type requirement that requires review, the applicant will see an icon with a tooltip alerting them before paying for an application. Clicking the icon will also direct them to the specific application requirements tab for quick and easy access to reviewing the requirements to ensure eligibility prior to payment.

Displaying Disclaimer Notifications

Disclaimer requirements, launched earlier this year, capture eligibility-related information, such as Specific Course and Course Grade requirements, and do not require any action to be taken. These disclaimer requirements are displayed on the application as soon as it is created, and help applicants understand their eligibility before submitting and paying for an application.

Disclaimer type requirements are shown on the application detail page under the Applicant Requirements tab. Applicants do not need to upload documents or answer questions for requirements as they show information only. Instead, applicants should decide whether they should proceed with an application based on the eligibility criteria displayed in these requirements.

Disclaimer Requirement Type

Have Questions About the Update?

We hope you like this update as much as we do! If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please contact your ApplyBoard Representative for assistance. 

The ApplyBoard Team