Canadore College: Sept 2019 Orientation at North Bay campus


Dear Recruitment Partners,

Please share with your students starting September 2019 that Orientation at College Drive campus is on August 29 and August 30 at 8:30am EST.


Orientation will include the following:

  • Meet the President
  • Meet your Dean and Professors
  • Healthcare Services and Insurance
  • Cultural Norms in Canada
  • Campus Safety
  • Plagiarism Policy
  • Banking details, SIN
  • City details and campus life
  • Lunch will be provided


If you wish to connect with students already in North Bay, you can join this Facebook group.


For travel from Toronto to North Bay, students have the following options:

  1. Flight from Toronto to North Bay: It’s a 40 minute flight and is convenient but only one free bag is allowed (students will pay extra to check extra luggage). The cost of the flight can range between CAD $150.00 and 300.00 depending on when the ticket is booked.
  2. Airport shuttle: It is a three hour drive in shuttle from Toronto Pearson Airport to North Bay. The shuttle can drop students off at their preferred location. Please refer to this link to book your trip. It will cost approximately CAD $100.00 to 150.00.
  3. Airport pick-up: Students are requested to email the College at northbayarrivals@canadorecollege.ca with their details (Name, Photo ID, College Offer letter and the travel date and time, as well contact information). The student’s information must be shared 15 days prior to arrival so that the College can make necessary arrangements. This service is free for students for pickup from North Bay’s Jack Garland Airport.
  4. Cab service: Cab service from Toronto Pearson Airport to North Bay can cost up to $200.00 and can be shared by two students. Please contact northbayarrivals@canadorecollege.ca to request this service.


For on-campus accommodation, the College suggests that a student should stay at least one semester at the College Residence. This residence provides more facilities, 24/7 security, and students will be able to interact with other international students from different countries. Please click here to learn more. Please note that it is important to book a room at the residence in advance as there is limited capacity and one cannot expect to book a room after reaching North Bay. The room rent for international students at Canadore Residence is CAD $550.00 per month. Students can write to info@canadoreresidence.ca to book a room.