Application Policy Update

To encourage application conversion and school country diversity, we have modified our current policy on the number of free applications allowed per student. 

ApplyBoards current policy allows any student to have a maximum of 3 free applications throughout their journey. 

We have made the following modifications to this policy:

  1. The free application limit has been set to 2 per student, per country. Since we currently have school partnerships in Canada, the US, and the UK, each student will be entitled to a maximum of 6 free applications (2 free applications to each of these countries). The free application allowance will extend to new countries as we expand.

  2. When the limit is met, an error message on the application summary page will prompt the user to remove the additional free applications. 
  3. This new policy extends to any active promotions. For example: if a user enters a 100% promotion code that results in more than two free applications (per student per country), they won’t be able to proceed with the payment until they remove the promotion code. 

Please contact your ApplyBoard Representative if you have any questions.