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ApplyBoard - Winter in Canada
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Winter in Canada

Winter season in Canada   Canada is known for its winter season! Since you will be new to Canada you have probably never experienced weather quite like this. The winter season consists of a lot of snow and cold temperatures.

ApplyBoard - Canadian Citizenship Legislation
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Major changes to the Canadian Citizenship Legislation

Major changes to the Canadian Citizenship Legislation   The liberal government recently introduced a bill that would change many parts of a previous bill about the Canadian citizenship legislation. This new legislation will make it easier for international students to

ApplyBoard - Best of North America
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The best of North America

Mercer 2016 quality of living rankings: The best of North America Every year, Mercer releases a report on the most desirable cities for international employees worldwide. Here’s the results for the top 5 cities to live in in North America.   San

ApplyBoard - Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA   There are so many different type of jobs in the world! The United States Labor Statistics made the  May 2014 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. This list was based on information

ApplyBoard - Requirements for Studying Abroad
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Requirements for studying abroad: Canada and the USA

Requirements for studying abroad   ApplyBoard is here to make the process of applying to schools in North America easier. In this post you will learn about the requirements and documents you will need to apply for an Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or a

ApplyBoard - Canada's Best Jobs
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Canada’s best jobs in 2015

Canada’s best jobs   Every year Canadian Business makes a list of Canada’s Best jobs. This list shows job with the highest growth rate and with the biggest pay. They use statistics from Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada to

ApplyBoard - Types of fees

Types of fees for international study

Types of fees for international study   When applying to schools in Canada and the USA you need to know the different fees that you will have to pay. There are 4 different types of fees you will be paying