International students in Canada: Building blocks for a young Canada


International students: Building blocks for a young Canada

By Merwyn Paul, International Recruitment Manager (India)


It’s a cold morning in Edmonton. Puneet, an international freshman at the University of Alberta, is getting ready for his 8:30 a.m. Engineering Mathematics class. “I was undeterred by the all-elusive Canadian winter,” says Puneet when asked about choosing Canada as his destination for an engineering degree. Despite “drastic winter” warnings by family members, Puneet still wanted education and employment opportunities in Canada. Like Puneet, international students place post-graduation benefits as an important factor when finalizing destinations for their academic careers.


Upon the completion of any 2-year program, international students in Canada are eligible for an 3-year work permit. As a result, this acts as an incentive for their decision to pursue education in Canada. Luckily for them, Canadian employers are keen to hire international graduates. This is largely because they’ve acquired skills relevant to boosting their local economies. They then go on to live and support local businesses within the city they’re hired in. Yay for economic growth!


Souradeep, another proud international graduate, took a postgraduate degree at Simon Fraser University. Similarly, he points out the importance of his experience towards his career. Working full-time for Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce and cloud computing company, he learned to balance multiple roles. In addition to this, multiple tasks between two different company offices (Vancouver and Seattle). Souradeep credits these skills towards an increase in his confidence levels and communicative abilities.


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Employers remain positive of the total net profitability when hiring international students in Canada. These potential citizens, who have not only spent money to acquire an industry-relevant diploma but are ready to join a nascent workforce, have a goal of enriching their personal lives as well. And this is a good thing. More international students means more workers, which in turn, adds to a growing economy.


Nearly 40 per cent of all economic-class immigrants accepted into Canada are international students, who have graduated and want to began their career and start raising families here. And this is largely due to the recent changes introduced by both Conservative and Liberal governments. From what I’ve seen, many of these students become job-creating entrepreneurs in the long run. Which in turn, creates several revenue verticals for the provincial and federal government.


Successful alumni remain lifelong ambassadors of the Canadian way of life. By becoming citizens who contribute towards the economy, they promote diverse communities and a better quality of life. Undoubtedly, international students remain a viable building block for a vibrant Canadian economy and employers remain positive of the long-term benefits of hiring them.


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