ODX invests $438,000 into Ontario Open Data Ventures

ODX invests $438,000 into Ontario Open Data Ventures


This October, Open Data Exchange (ODX) invested $438,000 into 10 Ontario companies via ODX Ventures. ApplyBoard is one of these ten. This investment was made to promote the commercialisation of open data.


(Open Knowledge International, through their Open Data Handbook, describes “open data” as interoperable, and “interoperability” as “the ability to interoperate – or intermix – different datasets”. ApplyBoard uses open data to share information about academic institutions with students and recruiters.)


ODX is a Private-Public Partnership founded by the University of Waterloo, D2L (Desire2Learn), CDMN (Canadian Digital Media Network), OpenText and Communitech. Samantha Clark, Manager of Public Relations at Communitech, writes that ODX Ventures “has led 26 contractors developing work in the open data space” since December of 2016.


It is an honour for ApplyBoard to be included in this generous investment as it speaks to the solidity of our ideas and technology.  


Kevin Tuer, Managing Director of October, Open Data Exchange, attests to the huge growth that’s been seen in Canadian companies using open data in their products or services. Tuer says, “More and more entrepreneurs are capitalizing on using open data to create better products and services. ODX Ventures has one clear mission: get resources into the hands of those who can use it to accelerate their ideas, and ultimately help Canadian companies compete on a global stage.”


As a Canadian company that uses open data for the benefit of our clients, ApplyBoard will use this donation as an opportunity to grow and reach more students across the globe in the most efficient way possible.


Erin Babbey, Partner Relations Manager at ApplyBoard


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