ApplyBoard awarded “China Outstanding International Education Award” at Tower 2017 event in Shanghai

ApplyBoard - Outstanding International Education Award

ApplyBoard awarded “China Outstanding International Education Award” at Tower 2017 event in Shanghai


On October 29th, Shanghai was host to the Tower 2017 event with nearly 1,000 attendees present to discuss the future of education and to honour China’s most recognised companies in the education industry. Among these companies was ApplyBoard, represented by our CEO and Co-founder, Martin Basiri.

Our credo at ApplyBoard is to help connect higher education to students from all across the globe, which falls in line with the theme of Tower 2017, “today is the future”. Participants in the event discussed the future of international education, exchanging ideas and information. Their areas of expertise included technology, consultancy, online education, business, capital and funds and multi-media. Also present at the event were highly-esteemed New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Tomorrow Advancing Life, Hujiang EdTech and Only Education. These companies are pioneers of the study abroad industry. They lead in education with their experience in capital market and their constant dedication to the future of academia and to student success. Now ApplyBoard, the only foreign company selected to attend Tower 2017, is paving the way with cutting-edge technology designed to help these companies further succeed in the industry. Prior to the ceremony, Martin gave a speech about AI and the future of international student applications. He shared how ApplyBoard is using technology to reach as many students as possible, no matter their nationality or their location. ApplyBoard is honoured to have received the “China Outstanding International Education Award”. This award speaks of our solid reputation in the promotion of our system and services on a global level. Founded in 2015 by Martin and Meti Basiri, ApplyBoard is pleased to have already helped students from over 90 countries.  

Martin shared further that ApplyBoard uses AI and Machine Learning techniques to achieve the most accurate results in all elements of the application process. Our automatic application system allows students to input their qualifications and interests to generate the most suitable programs in regard to their academic needs and financial situation. A list of schools and programs that align with each student’s eligibility is generated immediately. Additionally, students have the ability to apply to multiple schools with just one dynamic application.

As ApplyBoard continues to build and expand its global network, more and more students are given easy access to their dream schools and are given the tools to reach their goals.


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Erin C. Babbey, Partner Relations Manager at ApplyBoard

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