The Globe and Mail: Report on Small Business

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The Globe and Mail: Report on Small Business


ApplyBoard is pleased to have been featured in The Globe and Mail’s article “Report on Small Business newsletter: What happened with the federal tax proposals this week”.

To summarize, The Globe and Mail writer Sarah Efron recapped the election pledge to lower the small business tax rate. Formerly, private incorporated businesses, like ApplyBoard, were taxed 10.5%. With the success of the pledge, the rate will be reduced to 9% by 2019.


The drop in the small business tax rate is obviously good news for ApplyBoard and the students who use our services.


Efron links the article by The Record writer Terry Pender, first introducing ApplyBoard as a startup that “helps foreigners head to university here”. Efron writes, “If you live in another country and want to study at a Canadian or American university, it can take up to 18 months to complete the application and receive a response. Martin Basiri knows all about that. So he founded Apply Board Inc. with his brother Meti to make the process easier.”

Efron highlights ApplyBoard’s ability to make the university application process easier for international students. It’s also very worth mentioning that ApplyBoard assists with applications to any one of our partner institutions – whether it be a university, college, language centre, boarding school or high school.


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The Globe and Mail will be posting further updates on the federal tax proposals, so you can stay up to date by checking out their Canada homepage here. To read the full article by Sarah Efron, click here.


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