The Record: Startup helps foreigners head to university here

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The Record: Startup helps foreigners head to university here


ApplyBoard is honoured to have been featured in an article written by Terry Pender for The Record. The article explores ApplyBoard’s early beginnings and summarises how brothers Martin and Meti Basiri got their footing in the international education industry.

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Martin and Meti began their journey to ApplyBoard as international students themselves, studying at the University of Waterloo and Conestoga College respectively. They designed ApplyBoard based on their own expectations for how the international student application process should function. Having faced many challenges, such as converting the grading scheme from an Iranian university to the system used in Ontario, both brothers became familiar with the system and constructed creative and technical solutions designed to overcome challenges faced by any international student.

The article further describes ApplyBoard’s growth and vision in China. In 2016, ApplyBoard opened its Beijing office in order to serve more students and help them reach their dreams through the programs and schools of their choosing. As Pender writes, “more international students come from China than anywhere else”. ApplyBoard approached the Chinese market with careful attention to how it is structured differently in comparison to the way recruitment is done in other parts of the world. Due to China’s strict censorship of the internet, ApplyBoard would need to reach students on platforms other than Facebook or Google. ApplyBoard’s team of 6 in Beijing uses Chinese social media and their professional expertise to reach students there.

Pender continues to write about the way ApplyBoard sets itself apart in the industry with its use of AI and Machine Learning techniques. ApplyBoard has a unique system. The fully integrated web platform helps narrow down a student’s search based on their academic background, financial capacity and interested field(s) of study. As a result, students can instantly see the academic institutions that they are qualified for, guaranteeing them a 95% chance of acceptance. In turn, this process saves time for the institutions and also allows them to diversify their campuses since students from across the globe can easily learn about their school through ApplyBoard’s website.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. For the whole article, and to learn more about The Record’s interview with Martin Basiri, click here!

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