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Capital City: Fredericton
New Brunswick is a seaside province in eastern Canada with a diverse and fascinating cultural heritage. It borders Nova Scotia, Québec and the American state of Maine. It is also bordered on most of three sides by water, including the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Northumberland Strait, and the Bay of Fundy.

Almost rectangular in shape, it extends about 322 kilometres from north to south, and 242 kilometres from east to west. The eastern coast boasts sandy beaches and warm, salt waters. The Bay of Fundy features the highest and wildest tides in the world – up to 54 feet – which have helped to carve a spectacular coastline. Twice a day, 200 billion tonnes of water enter and leave the Bay, which is equal to the water in all the rivers on the planet.

About 749,200 people live in New Brunswick, 33 per cent of which is French-speaking. This is due largely to the 500,000-strong Acadian community. Acadia was originally a French colony dating back to the 1500s.

In New Brunswick, you can participate in coastal activities such as swimming and whale watching. You can also enjoy extensive trails and campgrounds, watch for wildlife and take in a range of festivals, galleries and cultural events.

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