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Capital City: Whitehorse
Bordering Alaska, the Yukon Territory is tucked in the northwest corner of Canada. It is fairly large in area (483,450 km²) yet only 31,608 people call it home. Its capital, Whitehorse, is home to 60 per cent of the population. The territory’s other major centre, Dawson City, was one of largest Canadian cities west of Winnipeg in the late 1800s during the famous Gold Rush days. It is now an important historical site.

The Yukon got its name from a Hudson’s Bay trader, who called it “Yu-kun-ah”, or “greatest river”, referring to the historic river that runs through the territory. In this region, you’ll find an abundance of unique wildlife – from the great polar bear to the caribou. You can explore scenic vistas, waterways and trails, and backcountry adventures. You can also enjoy museums and interpretive centres, dining and shopping, and the work of Yukon’s visual artists. Like its neighbour, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon is the “land of the midnight sun” during the summer months.

Information obtained from studycanada.ca.

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