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Cost of living in Canada


Canada is an amazing place to study. If it is your dream to study in Canada it is a good idea to learn a little about what the cost of living will be. Take a look at the list below to learn about the average cost of living and a little about each area in Canada.


In Canada there are 10 provinces and 3 territories.  



British Columbia            

Average Cost of Living: ~$12,000

BC is a province located on the west side of Canada. This province borders the Pacific Ocean. There are many mountain ranges and forests in British Columbia.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

University of Northern British Columbia

Thompson Rivers University

Trinity Western University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

And more here!


Average Cost of Living: ~ $13,000

Alberta borders BC and Saskatchewan. The estimated population of Alberta is 4,196,457! Alberta is one of the 3 prairie provinces of Canada.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Lakeland College

GEOS Languages Plus


Average Cost of Living: ~$11,000

Saskatchewan is the west-central province of Canada. This province is 651,900 square kilometres10% of this province is water!

School available through ApplyBoard:

University of Regina


Average Cost of Living: ~$12,000

The capital city of Manitoba is Winnipeg. This is Canada’s fifth most populated province. Part of this province borders the Hudson’s Bay.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Red River College

Assiniboine Community College


Average Cost of Living: ~$12,000

Ontario has the biggest population in Canada and it’s the fourth largest province. Ontario is where Canada’s national city, Ottawa, is located. Also ApplyBoard’s office is located in Ontario!

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Algoma University

Sault College

Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

Brock University

And more here!


Average Cost of Living: ~$12,000

French is the main language in Quebec. This is one of the largest provinces located on the east side of Canada.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Bishop’s University

LaSalle College

New Brunswick

Average Cost of Living: ~$11,000

In New Brunswick there are many scenic places to visit. This province is one of the three Maritime provinces. This is a bilingual province. (French and English.)

*Sorry, no schools available in New Brunswick yet.

Nova Scotia

Average Cost of Living: ~$12,000

This is the second – smallest province in Canada. Nova Scotia is located on the Atlantic Ocean. This province is also one of the Maritime provinces.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Mount Saint Vincent University

East Coast School of Languages


Average Cost of Living: ~$11,000

PEI stands for Prince Edward island. This is the smallest province in all of Canada.This is an eastern Maritime province. There are many beaches and light houses that are popular tourist attractions in this province.

Schools available through ApplyBoard:

Study Abroad Canada Language Institute

University of Prince Edward Island

Holland College

Newfoundland and Labrador

Average Cost of Living: ~$10,589

Newfoundland and Labrador is located on the far east of Canada. In this province, there are dramatic cliffs, waterfalls and glacial fjords. This province has two sections; the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador.

*Sorry, no schools available in Newfoundland and Labrador yet.


The Territories


Although the territories cover 40 per cent of the country’s landmass they only include three per cent of Canada’s population. Since these are remote areas and there are not many people located here the cost of living can be more expensive than the average city.



Yukon is located in the northern part of Canada. Activities that take place here are dog-sledding, canoe expeditions, hiking, salmon fishing and many more outdoor activities.


Northwest Territories

In French this province is called ‘Territoires du Nord-Ouest’. The Northwest territories has warmer climate. In 1999 this territory was divided to create Nunavut.



Nunavut is made up of many different sized islands. This territory is the newest, largest, northernmost, and least populous territory of Canada.


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