Canada Day vs. Fourth of July: What’s the difference between these two holidays?

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Canada Day vs. Fourth of July: What’s the difference between these two holidays?

Celebrate Canada Day and the 4th of July!


Parades, BBQs, fireworks! There are so many things to celebrate over the July holidays! In this post, we’ll give you some information about two different holidays that take place in July. As an international student living in Canada or the USA, you’ll have the opportunity to experience North American culture by attending these events!


Canada Day

Canada Day is a statutory holiday which is always celebrated on July 1st! Depending on where you are located in Canada, there’ll be different activities for you to enjoy during this special summer holiday.

Some city parks host outdoor events, where you can sit outside with friends and enjoy live music and amazing food. Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy watching a firework display! This is a great time to spend the day outside and enjoy the summer weather!

Many people will be wearing Red and White on Canada Day – the colours of the Canadian Flag. You may see people wearing all sorts of Canada Day themed outfits, including face-paint!

Some people like to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family members at their own home or cottage. Whatever you decide to do, take this take to enjoy this new experience with the company of your new friends.


4th of July

In the USA, they celebrate American Independence Day on the fourth of July every year. This holiday is more commonly known as the ‘4th of July’. This day represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence and also the birth of the USA as an independent country in 1776.

Just like on Canada Day, people in the USA dress up for 4th of July celebrations. In the USA you will see many people wear red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th of July! These colours represent the colours of the American flag.

This day also has many activities like Canada Day. You can enjoy outdoor activities, BBQs, and watching amazing fireworks displays. On the 4th of July, you can see an Independence Day parade to celebrate this day.


Whether you’ll be studying in Canada or the USA, it’s a good idea to take part in these celebrations. It is a great way to spend time with new friends, meet new people, and also experience a fun day of Canadian and American culture!


What are you most excited about doing on these July celebrations? Experiencing outdoor events? Or watching the fireworks!? Tell us in the comments below.


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