Journey to success: ApplyBoard’s future

ApplyBoard - Journey

Journey to success: ApplyBoard’s future


ApplyBoard has had an amazing journey thus far. The company has grown so much over the past year and we are so excited for this new chapter. ApplyBoard has moved to our own office! We now have our own space to continue to grow as a company. Our time in Velocity was an amazing experience but it was time for all of the ApplyBoard team to move out to our own office!

ApplyBoard is so proud to be able to help international students achieve their dreams of studying in Canada or the USA! Through our website we are helping hundreds of students daily apply to colleges and universities in North America. Our online platform is used by students from all over the world.

ApplyBoard was founded in 2012. ApplyBoard’s founders, Martin, Meti and Sina were all international students who came to Canada to get a better education. They knew how difficult the process is for international students applying to study abroad, so they designed to help students through the process of applying to schools in Canada or the USA.

Now 4 years later the company has grown so much and helped thousands of students apply to colleges and universities through Partnered with over 140 colleges and universities in Canada and the USA, ApplyBoard is determined to help you find the best school to apply to! 

ApplyBoard understands the problems students can face when it comes to applying to schools abroad. We want every student who dreams to study in Canada or the USA have the chance to apply and reach their goals. ApplyBoard wants to assist you through the application process and provide you with all the information you will need to study abroad.

We are so eager to move forward in our journey of helping international students continue their education in North America. As our company is quickly growing we are so happy to have the space to expand our team. ApplyBoard has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams to study abroad in Canada and the USA and we will continue to help students in the years to come!


Take a look at the ApplyBoard team working in our new office!

If you haven’t already, go to and create your FREE account so you can apply to schools in Canada or the USA with the help of the ApplyBoard team! Our online customer service team is here to give you step by step guidance through the entire application process. We will also help you apply for your study visa, and so much more!


Learn more about the ApplyBoard team.

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