Study Abroad: Preparing for studies in Canada

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Study Abroad: Preparing for studies in Canada


You know that you want to apply to a school in Canada, but the question is, are you prepared? The Canadian Government has recently made changes for international students wanting to come to Canada to study. Since the changes were finalized in June 2014 students will need to be aware of these facts when they are considering applying to programs in Canada.

“The new regulations will improve services to genuine students, while protecting Canada’s international reputation for high-quality education and reducing the potential for fraud and misuse of the program.” – Government of Canada.

To see all the changes and past regulations go to the Government of Canada website.

Find the right program:

To start you will want to find the perfect college or university to apply to. You will want to pick a program that you are interested in. Do NOT apply for a program because you think it may give you a better chance for being accepted to your visa. If you are having trouble choosing the right program go to! When you create an account on ApplyBoard you will be instantly matched with programs you could apply to based off of you previous education and interests. If you apply for a program and your academic background does not match the visa office may doubt your intentions to study abroad. If the program you chose does not match your previous education you will want to include a very detailed description of why you want to study abroad in your program of choice. You want to be sincere and explain why you have chosen this education path. Don’t know what to write for the Study Plan? Go HERE for more help. 

Preparing the Study Permit/Visa application:

After you have applied and been accepted to a program in Canada you will have to apply for a study permit/visa. This can be a difficult and confusing process for some people. But don’t worry. ApplyBoard is here to help you through the process. After you have received your acceptance letter from a school you applied to through ApplyBoard, our administration team will guide you through the process of applying for your visa. We will make sure that you have all the necessary documents when you apply. We are here to give you step by step guidance through the whole process! We want you to be prepared for you future in Canada!

For more info on the visa process go to the ApplyBoard Visa Guidance page.

Coming to Canada

Once you have your Study Permit you will need to make sure that you follow all Canadian rules. Here are some tips of things that you do NOT want to do. 


  • If you plan on waiting until the following semester you need to inform the government. It shows that you are a sincere student.
  • Do not come to Canada and choose not to study! This is a very big mistake. You will run into a lot of problems if you do not study while in Canada on your study visa. If you get sent out of Canada you may not be able to return for many years.
  • It is so important for you to have all of your funds ready in advance. You will want to have all of your finances ready before your start your program. You will need to have proof of funds when you apply for your study permit. So having funds is such an important thing. If you cannot provide the funds the schools may refuse you from being a registered student.

– Info via Daniel Zaretsky (Director of the Canadian University Application Centre)  Retrieved via Canada Bound Immigrant 

Learn about the changes to international students gaining permanent residency in Canada in the blogs below!


So do you feel prepared now? If you have more questions please ask! For step by step guidance for applying to schools in Canada ( and the USA) head over to We are here to help you through the entire application process all the way to helping you through the visa process.

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