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Winter season in Canada


Canada is known for its winter season! Since you will be new to Canada you have probably never experienced weather quite like this. The winter season consists of a lot of snow and cold temperatures. If you dress warm and participate in winter activities you can have so much fun in the winter months! Don’t be afraid of experiencing these cold months! Embrace the winter season and enjoy experiencing Canada’s winter season!

What the weather is like?

 Temperatures: Canada is the second coldest country, next to Russia, with an average daily annual temperature of -5.6 degrees Celsius! Make sure you pay attention to the wind chill. Wind chill measures the wind and the wind can make it feel a lot colder than it actually is. Check out some temperate factsSeverely cold temperatures can possibly be dangerous! If you have exposed skin for 10- 30 minutes in temperatures -28 to -39 you are at risk of getting frostbite! There is also the possibility of hypothermia. So dress warm! Being exposed to the severely cold weather for a long period of time can be very dangerous. Read more HERE so you will be prepared! Don’t let these facts worry you! Now that you know, you will be able to prepare yourself and stay safe for the winter months! 🙂

Months: Meteorologists and climatologists consider winter to be in the months of December, January and February! But in Canada the winter months vary by region. Sometimes snow can fall as early as October and stop as late as March. The amount of snow, temperature, and time can be different year to year. 

How do I prepare?

Since the weather is Canada can be very cold, you will need to have the appropriate clothing!

Some items that you will want to have:

  • Hat/ toque/ ear muffs
  • Scarfs
  • mittens/ gloves
  • snow pants or track pants
  • winter jacket
  • Winter boots
  • Sunglasses! (The light reflects of the white snow and can be very bright!)

Tip: Ask your friends that are local to Canada, they may have some great tips!

As the winter season approaches many stores will be stocked with these items. You will be able to buy these items in an local department store. These items will keep you warm and dry while you are in Canada. You may want to dress in layers. By dressing in layers you can add or remove clothing. Since in Canada the weather can change quickly throughout the day.

What can I do during this season?

There are many activities that you could do during the winter months;

  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Snowboarding
  • Tobogganing/tubing
  • Hikes
  • Sightseeing
  • Playing in the snow (build a snowman!)
  • Dog sledding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice hockey

You could contact your family in your home country and tell them about all the amazing things you have done! If you happen to have a car while you are studying abroad, be careful! The roads are very dangerous in this season. The road can be icy and the snow can make it very difficult to see when driving. Make sure you get snow tires put on your car, this will help your car drive better on the snowy roads. Also be sure to wipe all the snow off of your car so you are able to see clearly out all the windows.


So don’t be afraid of the cold Canadian weather! There are lots of fun things for your to do through the winter months if you are prepared. What activities do you want to try when you are studying abroad in Canada?


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