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Mercer 2016 quality of living rankings:
The best of North America

Every year, Mercer releases a report on the most desirable cities for international employees worldwide. Here’s the results for the top 5 cities to live in in North America.


  1. San Francisco, USA (Ranking: 28th place globally)

San Francisco is the well-established centre of Northern California, and also known as “The City by the Bay”.

Population: 1,613,400

Top Industries: tourism, technology, financial services


  1. Montreal, Canada (Ranking: 23rd place globally)

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec, and was originally called “Ville-Marie”.

Population: 1,649,519

Top Industries: commerce, finance, technology

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  1. Ottawa, Canada (Ranking: 17th place globally)

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and was originally called “Bytown”.

Population: 1,236,324

Top Industries: public service, technology, health

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  1. Toronto, Canada (Ranking: 15th place globally)

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, and was originally called “Town of York”.

Population: 2,615,060

Top Industries: financial, commercial, media

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  1. Vancouver, Canada (Ranking: 5th place globally)

Vancouver, originally known as “Gastown” is the most densely populated Canadian municipality.

Population: 2,400,000

Top Industries: industrial, forestry, technology, film and television


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