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Requirements for studying abroad


ApplyBoard is here to make the process of applying to schools in North America easier. In this post you will learn about the requirements and documents you will need to apply for an Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or a Master’s program. There are over 3,000 different programs that you could apply to!

A lot of students ask: “Do I need to finish my current studies to be able to apply?” The answer is NO. For example if you are going to be applying for a Bachelor’s program, you do not need to have finished your high school. You will need to be in your last year of high school to apply. ( i.e. grade 12, in most countries.) As long as you can show that you are going to graduate from your current education before starting your education in Canada or the USA, you are able to apply right away. If you have finished your current level of education you will have to show your graduation certificate.


Requirements for an undergraduate program:
What is an undergraduate program? It is a program that will require only high-school educationIf you are applying for an undergraduate program you will only need your high school transcript. Your high school transcript is a document that will show all of your grades throughout high school. It will show all grades you have obtained in all years of high-school up until now. If you have finished your high-school, your high-school graduation diploma/certificate is also required but if not, the transcript is enough.You will also need a copy of your passport if you have one. * Note: We will need it in English


Requirements for a post grad / masters program:
What’s a post grad/ masters program? These programs require a higher education degree or diploma. For example most master’s programs require a four-year bachelor’s degree and most post-graduate certificate programs need at least a three-year bachelor or an undergraduate diploma. Also you may be required to provide a reference from your previous professors.  

If you are still currently a student you only need your latest transcript showing all the grades you have obtained till now. There are over 850 postgraduate and master’s programs at!

Some master’s programs also require recommendation letters, resumes or statement of purpose and GER or GMAT. You also need a copy of your passport if you have one. You can find specific requirements for Master’s programs in each program’s page on our website.

*Note: We will need the documents in English and your own language


English Score Requirements:
Also in some cases you may also need to have IELTS or TOEFL scores if the school you have applied to a schools that does not provide the ESL classes. 

If you don’t have any of TOEFL or IELTS English scores, don’t worry! You can still study in any field of study. You will be required to study English from two months to one year depending on your English proficiency at the same university/college you get accepted to in Canada or the USA and then start your main program.

When applying through ApplyBoard without an English score, we will obtain an conditional admission letter for you from the university indicating that you are accepted to the university but you have to to successfully complete an English program at the same university before begin able to start your program.

The university then will take an English exam from you when you arrive at the university and determine your English proficiency level. Based on the exam results, you will be required to study 2 months to one year English courses before starting your higher educations.


Now you know all the documents you will need to have to apply to an undergraduate and a postgraduate or masters program. You can apply to over 3,000 programs by going to!

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