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Canada’s best jobs


Every year Canadian Business makes a list of Canada’s Best jobs. This list shows job with the highest growth rate and with the biggest pay. They use statistics from Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada to get there stats.

Human Resources Manager

Average Salary: $83,200.00
Total Employees: 34,500

What does a Human Resource Manager do? Some duties for an HR Manager include recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. An HR manager also deals with employee relations, payroll, benefits and training.

University Professor

Average Salary: $85,716.80
Total Employees: 65,400

A University Professor is someone who teaches students in University. Professors present lectures, write notes, grade papers, communicate with students, assist students with course material and many more things as well.

Industrial Technician

Average Salary: $72,800.00
Total Employees: 10,700

Industrial Technicians are responsible for finding out the most effective use of resources for a project. They plan how the flow of work will go. They look into the efficiency of how things work and they analyze results of tasks. They look into time, method, motions, process and requirements for a given task.Also they will make diagrams, study statistics, use formulas and look at  results. they will use this data to improve future projects!

Oil & Gas Well Operator

Average Salary: $71,760.00
Total Employees: 20,100

They operate drilling and service rig machinery. They drive trucks and operate specialized hydraulic pumping system. They will but cement in wells or put chemicals, sand mixtures or gases.

Registered Nurse

Average Salary: $74,672.00
Total Employees: 301,300

Registered nurses help physicians and doctors when they are providing medical services to patients. these patients may have varying medical conditions. Nurses will give medications, monitor patients, and educate patients and their families about any problems, and what the patient should do when they get home.

Financial Administrator

Average Salary: $83,990.40
Total Employees: 63,300

This job is responsible for providing financial and administrative services to make sure the financial and administrative operations is working effectively and efficiently. They must follow municipal financial by laws, policies and procedures.

Health Care Manager

Average Salary: $90,625.60
Total Employees: 30,000

Health care managers manage all staff members, operations, finances, and information technology of a health care organizations.The spend their time trying to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care while reducing costs.
They are responsible for:

  • ensure high quality of care
  • financially and operationally sound
  • Managing personnel issues
  • Teaching people about health issues

Specialized Engineer

Average Salary: $79,996.80
Total Employees: 17,900

A Specialized Engineer every type of engineer except electrical, software, and mechanical. This can include work in biomechanics, textiles, or marine fields such as naval architects,This is a relatively small field with many sub categories.

Software Engineer

Average Salary: $85,342.40
Total Employees: 43,100

Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis. they do this  to the design, develop, test, and evaluate software. they also look into the systems that make computer run programs.

Health & Occupation Inspector

Average Salary: $70,720.00
Total Employees: 36,600

These people work hard to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace. They make sure the workplace is being properly controlled. They make sure all aspects of health and safety laws are put into place. They help workplaces prevent, illnesses, injury and even death.

Senior Business Manager

Average Salary: $97,136.00
Total Employees: 27,600

Business managers are responsible for looking over and supervising what goes on in the company and the employees.Business managers keep the company on track and make sure employees are reaching goals. Managers in a big company report to top executives of the company. but managers of a small company either own the company or report to the company owner.

Mapping Technologist

Average Salary: $68,640.00
Total Employees: 7,200

Mapping technologists gather data, analyze, interpret and use geo spatial information to report locations of natural and man made features on the earth’s surface, or below it.

This information is used for many things.

  • environmental and land use planning
  • natural resources
  • geology
  • agriculture

Health & Community Services Manager

Average Salary: $100,006.40
Total Employees: 6,200

These people  provide a leadership role in health and community services programs and health policy development.They work with regional health authorities, community organizations, professional associations, post-secondary educational institutions, unions, consumers and other government departments.

Power Systems Operator

Average Salary: $84,198.40
Total Employees: 8,400

Power Systems Operators run and monitor larger power stations for utilities and industrial installations. These people have a very specialized skill set. Power systems operators must be good at making quick decisions under difficult circumstances. they will have to be able to deal with high pressure situations.

Public Administration Director

Average Salary: $99,195.20
Total Employees: 18,500

They work on establishing and implementing government procedures and operations that will impact the community. They can also work for businesses or nonprofit organizations. You are usually working for the government with this title.

Engineering Manager

Average Salary: $94,993.60
Total Employees: 24,600

Engineering Managers are of a specialized group of managers, they deal with all the engineering principle and apply them to a business. They are responsible for leading a supervising a team of engineers.  They also oversee the all the research and development procedures.

Statistician & Actuary

Average Salary: $89,606.40
Total Employees: 12,000

A Statistician is an expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics. an Actuary is a business professional who looks over the financial consequences of risk.  Since more and more data is being produced this job is going up in the number of employees. They are needed in fields like finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and many many more!

Air Traffic Controller

Average Salary: $87,360.00
Total Employees: 5,100

Air Traffic Controllers managers the aircraft’s throughout the whole flight. They manage the safety of passengers and make sure they take off and land on time.  they use radars and radios to communicate with pilots. They work in the control towers at airports.

Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor

Average Salary: $79,040.00
Total Employees:

These drilling supervisors are responsible for 10-20 people on several different teams who will be operating the oil and gas drilling rigs. They are being operated all day long.

This job is a key part of Canada’s economy!

Mining & Forestry Manager

Average Salary: $108,804.80
Total Employees: 10,700

These manager are in the category of natural resources.They make Canada’s economy of resources function. They work with production facilities like oil wells, mines and fisheries. They must make sure targets are met, make sure there is quality control, and make sure health and safety procedures are being followed.They work with very complicated equipment and are dealing with many employees at a time, this job requires someone who has technical skills as well as great people skills.


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