Why ApplyBoard Promotes Scholarships for Universities

ApplyBoard was founded as a platform to support international students, simplifying their study abroad search, application, and acceptance process. We connect these students with recruitment partners and over 1,200 schools.

We also put scholarships front and center. We promote them on the platform, and directly to our recruiters.

Why have we decided to prioritize scholarships? They’re part of our belief that education should be a right, not a privilege.

ApplyBoard’s Mission to Educate the World

ApplyBoard is a company born out of real-life experience. Founders Martin, Massi, and Meti Basiri are from Iran and were international students themselves not too long ago. Martin studied in Canada, and seeing the success students were having, encouraged Meti and Massi to apply when their time came as well.

The process of getting into a school overseas wasn’t easy for Martin, though. After endless frustration, he even flew to Canada and went to the University of Waterloo admissions office before he was actually accepted.

Meti and Massi had an easier time with the transition because of Martin’s experience. Soon enough, they had family and friends asking for help applying to schools internationally too.

The international application process shouldn’t be a mystery. ApplyBoard believes that every student should have the right to receive the education they want around the world. Our platform promotes diversity on school campuses and gives students the tools and support they need to apply to schools abroad.

Unfortunately, international studies are still inaccessible to many students around the world due to financial visa requirements and high institutional fees.

International Student Fees

International students face fees that are significantly higher than their domestic counterparts. The average tuition for international students in Canada is almost $30,000 a year for undergraduates, while domestic students pay about $6,500.

Student visa applications also require proof of available funds. International students can generally work during their studies, but their hours are restricted.

ApplyBoard CMO and co-founder Meti Basiri understands why international students take the chance. He told Draft Canada that as an international student, “you have to be worried about your work, making money and stuff, but there are a lot of things you’re never going to be worried about: the economy, the big picture of your future.”

How ApplyBoard Helps

ApplyBoard helps students from around the world study abroad, and we partner with universities that see the value in diversifying their campuses. Through these partnerships, we’re able to offer scholarships exclusive to our international students.

These scholarships can help ease the financial burden of studying abroad. Altogether, ApplyBoard students have received over $22,000,000 in scholarship funds.

Our most recent scholarship is with University Canada West, a business- and technology-focused school in Vancouver, British Columbia. They’re offering a $10,000 scholarship to all international students applying through ApplyBoard, who are accepted into one of their undergraduate degree programs. We’re thrilled to know what a major impact this scholarship can have on students’ lives.

Other ApplyBoard-exclusive scholarships include $10,000 to all bachelor programs at Yorkville University in Vancouver and Toronto; $11,400 toward Brescia University College‘s Management and Organizational Studies Post-Graduate Diploma; and $1,000 toward any program at Canada College in Montreal.

Moving forward, ApplyBoard will continue finding ways to make studying abroad accessible to all. After all, our mission is to educate the world.