5 Reasons to Study in Quebec in 2021

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Quebec is Canada’s hidden gem. It’s a vibrant and multicultural province that blends North American modernity and European charm. It offers students a unique studying and living experience, along with an opportunity to learn French. Every year, more than 50,000 students from around the globe choose to study in Quebec.

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Why Study in Quebec?

Here are five top reasons why international students choose to study in Quebec:

1. Affordable Tuition Fees

Quebec’s tuition fees for international students are among the lowest in North America. The average cost of a bachelor’s degree for international students studying in Ontario is C$40,724 versus C$26,147 in Quebec. International students pursuing their master’s degree in Ontario will pay an average of C$25,112, compared to just C$17,689 in Quebec. With Canadian tuition fees already lower than other popular study abroad destinationssuch as the United States and the United KingdomQuebec is truly one of the most affordable international education destinations for students studying abroad. 

2. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living for international students studying in most Quebec cities falls under the national average. Accommodations, food, transportation, day-to-day expenses, and other living costs are lower in Quebec. In fact, 11 of the 20 least expensive cities to live in Canada are in Quebec. 

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3. Immerse Yourself in French-Canadian Culture

When students aren’t hitting the books, there will be no shortage of things for them to do. Students can take in the province’s boundary-breaking art culture and vibrant live music scene. From its winter Carnaval du Québec, the world’s largest winter festival, to Festival d’été de Québec, Quebec’s summer musical extravaganza, the province is home to more than 400 cultural events held throughout the year.

4. Study in French and English

French is the official language of Quebec, and both French and English are spoken across the province. As a result, students can pursue an education in French and English, learn a new language, and study side by side with bilingual peers.

An arial shot of the Riviere Saguenay Fjord.

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5. Modern Living in a Picturesque Setting

Quebec is home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders, including thousands of lakes and waterways, majestic mountains and hills, and provincial parks. A trip to Mont-Tremblant should be on your radar if you want to hit the slopes or hike through one of Quebec’s astounding national parks. If you have a thirst to explore one of the rare phenomena of our planet, then you might want to spend time discovering the Rivière Saguenay Fjord. It’s a deep and long inlet of water carved by glacier forces thousands of years ago and should be top of your list for whale watching. Whether you are an avid adventurer or a lover of nature’s beauty, Quebec has something for everyone.

Featured Partner Schools

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Courtesy of Québec City Tourism.

ApplyBoard has partnerships with 38 colleges and universities in Quebec, including: 

1. Canada College

Located in the heart of Montreal, Canada College focuses on excellence in technical and language skills. It offers market-driven programs which aim to help students develop sought-after skills across business, early childhood education, technology, and content creation.

2. Herzing College

Herzing College offers career-focused diploma programs in business, arts, engineering, and technology. Its campuses are located in Downtown Montreal and East Montreal. Herzing works closely with local and regional employers to ensure its programs cover the skills students need to succeed in their chosen careers.

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3. Bishop’s University

Located in Sherbrooke, Bishop’s University provides quality bachelor’s degree programs in the natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts, humanities, business, and education. Boasting some of the smallest class sizes in Canada, students receive individual attention and support to excel in their programs.

4. Kensley College

Located in Montreal, Kensley College offers excellent undergraduate diploma programs designed to help students gain in-demand skills. Students can study an array of programs such as software quality assurance, cyber security, and ethical hacking. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge they need to jump right into their careers.

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5. College Avalon

College Avalon offers career-focused undergraduate diploma programs, including international business management and accounting and financial management technology. Its campuses are located in Montreal and Quebec City, where students receive skills training to excel in highly sought-after careers.

6. Matrix College

Located in downtown Montreal, Matrix College is a licensed private career institution that equips students with the expertise to seamlessly transition into their careers after graduation. Matrix offers specialized programs in engineering, business, and technology. 

A photo of the Biosphere, Environment Museum in Montreal

Courtesy of Go!Montreal.

7. Cegep Marie-Victorin

Located in east Montreal, Cegep Marie-Victorin provides market-driven programs in early childhood education, management, technology, and business. Internships and real-world projects are integrated directly into study programs to develop students’ networking and communication skills, as well as help them gain invaluable work experience.

8. CDI College

CDI College offers programs focused on helping students develop in-demand skills. Students can choose from a range of programs, including design, business, dental, early childhood education, technology, legal, healthcare, and art. CDI has five campuses across Quebec, located in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Pointe-Claire, and St. Leonard.

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