University of Lethbridge: UG Students – Prepare to Register – Spring 2020


Dear Recruitment Partners,

Please inform your students that the undergraduate timetable for Spring 2020 is open at the University of Lethbridge. Students should prepare to register for their courses at this time, even if they have not yet received approval of their study permit application.


Registration dates can be found on the Bridge portal. Classes fill quickly and it is important to register early in order to ensure students have a spot in their desired classes for their first term. Registering for classes is each student’s responsibility. Recruitment Partners and ApplyBoard staff members may not register on behalf of the student.

Students can review a simple 6 step process on how to register here.

Please note: Second degree students will need a Program Planning Guide (PPG) to assist with course registration. Their PPG is customised, and will have been sent to them as a PDF document along with their Offer of Admission, or from their Faculty in a later email. Please remind your second degree students to review their emails to find this document.

If your student is an Arts and Science Second degree student and would like to request a waiver for past courses that they have completed, please leave a note on their application as soon as possible. 

Please contact your Recruitment Representative if you have any questions or concerns.